The Real Deal

Have You Ever Wondered... Is that certain book really good? Does that product really work? So have I. From Indie authors and musicians to local products or nationally advertised, I can't tell you the countless products I've bought as seen on TV only to find out that they don't work at my house, the book was really a bunch of hype, the music was not what I had hoped for or a movie was a yawn. If you want an honest opinion, you will find it here. Although I do lots of book reviews, I also check out lots of other products and let you know if they really live up to their ads or their hype. Stay tuned, and check in often. You never know what I'm going to talk about next.


Use Nexcare First

I used the Nexcare Waterproof bandages for the first time today. One of my jobs keep my hands in dishwater for a good twenty minutes, if not longer. I expected this bandage to peel after five minutes. But it didn't! It lasted through three sessions of 20 minute dish washing and was only beginning to peel at the one corner.

 I dried my hands and the adhesive resealed. I like that they are invisible and no one noticed I had it on. These are going in my first aid kit. I will also be looking to see what other sizes they have. This is great if you have swimmers with nicks and cuts that need protection. Never once did the dishwater touch my wound.

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