The Real Deal

Have You Ever Wondered... Is that certain book really good? Does that product really work? So have I. From Indie authors and musicians to local products or nationally advertised, I can't tell you the countless products I've bought as seen on TV only to find out that they don't work at my house, the book was really a bunch of hype, the music was not what I had hoped for or a movie was a yawn. If you want an honest opinion, you will find it here. Although I do lots of book reviews, I also check out lots of other products and let you know if they really live up to their ads or their hype. Stay tuned, and check in often. You never know what I'm going to talk about next.


Dr. Morgan Sierra is surprised by a late-night meeting with research assistant, Matthew Fry. Fry intends to take her back to the US for a project arranged by Dr. Everett. As an unwitting keeper of one Apostle stone, she finds herself in the middle of questions surrounding it, and its potential power when reunited with the other eleven stones.

Before their meeting properly adjourns, Sierra and Fry become the target of Thanatos, a group who wants her stone. They’re willing to take it be whatever force necessary. Because of her training in the Israeli Defense Force, she is not faint hearted, but a pistol-packing femme fatale who trusts few individuals. She and Fry blast their way out and escape.
Intuitively, Morgan fears for her twin sister's safety, knowing that she too carried one of the stones. When Morgan discovers her sister and baby niece are missing, Morgan finds herself embroiled in a search for the other stones to save their lives.
Although the story is set in modern times, it takes the reader on a whirlwind tour of the Mediterranean Region. While the story leans on Church history, Penn keeps the reader turning the pages.
I enjoyed this Pentecost immensely and think it reads like watching a movie. I can’t wait to see if Penn continues the adventures of Morgan Sierra. In the days ahead, look forward to reading more from this author.


Do You Know Abby?

Because not everything we do is scripted,
we are free to choose and make decisions
that have lasting repercussions in our lives
and the lives of others....

When the Director of Planned Parenthood quit her job, even given the national climate of the job market, it shouldn't have made national news. But it was the reason that she left that caused her to switch teams. And that choice made Abby Johnson a hero for the pro-life movement and an enemy of Planned Parenthood.

Every woman in America knows someone who's had an abortion. They are our sisters, mothers, daughters friends. They're our girlfriends, our wives, aunts and cousins It is not limited to race, religion or social standing. It is a heart-rending decision not easily made, that affects all of us for the rest of our lives.

The documentary of Abby Johnson had me spell bound to the end. The statements from her parents, really affected me.

At 23, I found myself in the middle of an unplanned pregnancy. By then, Roe v Wade was a decade old and women had a right to choose. Although I chose to carry to term and relinquish the child for adoption, it was not very popular among women who thought I was a slave to convention. Through the telling of my story over the years, I met many women along the way who regretted their decisions and were pained by them years, even decades afterward.
If you want to know the truth, you want to see this documentary about Abby's life, how she arrived in Planned Parenthood and became a champion for women.You'll hear what she discovered in a clinic that caused her radical decision to quit and change sides.

If you have daughters, nieces or sisters, tell then about this upcoming free webcast. The Unite for LIFE webcast is free, featuring Abby Johnson and will benefit pregnancy care organizations. You can sign up to participate on May 17 at 8:00 p.m. (in all time zones) at Unplanned the book and the DVD will be available for purchase as a package deal and 33% of each purchase will go to crisis pregnancy centers like CareNet, the National Institute of Family & Life Advocates, and Heartbeat International.
If you want to be in a drawing to win a voucher for a free copy, comment below and I will draw two names. The message is so important, I will throw my copy into the drawing.

No matter where you land on this topic, I do not judge you or your choice. I believe that to make such an enormous decision, one needs to be informed of all the facts. The choice is still yours to make.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this DVD free through Tyndale publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255