The Real Deal

Have You Ever Wondered... Is that certain book really good? Does that product really work? So have I. From Indie authors and musicians to local products or nationally advertised, I can't tell you the countless products I've bought as seen on TV only to find out that they don't work at my house, the book was really a bunch of hype, the music was not what I had hoped for or a movie was a yawn. If you want an honest opinion, you will find it here. Although I do lots of book reviews, I also check out lots of other products and let you know if they really live up to their ads or their hype. Stay tuned, and check in often. You never know what I'm going to talk about next.


Feed Your Head With MagMind

MagMind has helped me at work in maintaining focus, a sense of calm even in the middle of stressful situations. I notice that when I take it, my nighttime sleep is much deeper and it's easier for me to go back to sleep should I wake.

 I work in an environment where information is tossed around all day, and I feel better able to keep up with others in the office and that multitasking seems easier. It is recommended to take two a day, and on the days that I have obligations that run into the evening, I took the second one around dinner time and again, noticed enhanced focus with out feeling over tired. It helps me maintain a sense of well-being. 

Even though it is a little pricey, we intend to continue taking this product because I personally find it so effective. ADDENDUM: Interestingly, my dreams are also more varied and vivid. After taking this product for several weeks, my husband and I both noticed a different quality to our dreams. A decided left turn, but it hasn't been unpleasant, just notable.

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